The Super Bowl is in town this week so there is lots going on. Here’s what I had fun with this week.

Art Shanty Project

I had heard about the Arty Shanty Project but I never knew what it was. We were driving by Lake Harriet and saw a bunch of people walk across the ice of the frozen lake. We found a great parking spot so we decided to leash up the dogs and have a look at it.

Here’s how the website describes what they do: “Since 2005, Art Shanty Projects has organized a month-long public art happening that transforms unregulated public spaces into interactive, artist-driven temporary communities expanding notions of what art can be.”

There was an inflatable polar bear roaming around the ice which was cool to everyone but my dogs. They kept barking at it. No other dogs were barking at it.


Laugh With Legends

When are you going to see Joe Piscopo in an intimate setting?! He usually plays theaters with hundreds of people. I got to see him in a showroom with less than 100 people!

Laugh with Legends is a comedy fundraiser that takes place in the Super Bowl city. In addition to Piscopo, the emcee was Billy D Washington and the feature comic was Chris Reid, one half of Kid ‘n Play.

Andre Reed, Larry Centers, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, and Vince Papale were a few of the NFL legends present. The guest of honor was Chuck Foreman. Proceeds from the event went to the charity of his choice.

There was silent auction. There was also a live auction hosted by celebrity auctioneer John Luke from Storage Wars New York

After the show there was an after party at a hidden basement speakeasy. I didn’t know this place existed! It’s below a restaurant that I’ve been to a bunch. It was fun hanging out with comedy friends.


Mall of America

The people watching at Mall of America (MOA) is always spectacular. But with the Super Bowl in town this weekend it has been phenomenal.

Carter is on the sex trafficking task for for the Super Bowl. Thursday was his one day off for the week. So what did I propose for his one free day? Going to MOA to check out the Super Bowl hype.

There were a lot of people there. But surprisingly it was easy to find a parking spot. And the crowds weren’t unbearable. There was ample room to sit and watch people. Plus there’s so much shopping and eating to be done. MOA has something for everyone.

We saw Dan Marino walk by with an entourage. We also heard Tiki Barber and Terrell Owens were there but we didn’t get to see them.


Shake Shack

I learned about Shake Shack from the Jim Gaffigan show. We’ve had one at MOA for about a year or so. Since we were at MOA we decided to give it a try. Plus, we got a table overlooking the Super Bowl press area. We heard people yelling at certain players and celebs but I couldn’t make out the names. Still it was fun to see all the excitement.


While wandering MOA we discovered Xscape arcade so we decided to play some games. I can’t remember the last time we played at an arcade.

I got my butt kicked by Carter even in the basketball game, which is usually my strong suit since I played high school b-ball. But I did win a racing game, even though I thought he beat me.

My fave was Space Invaders. For starters you get to sit down and I’m a huge fan of sitting. Secondly, you use a gun to blast aliens.


Dough Dough

Move over cupcakes! Dough Dough serves cookie dough. You choose your cookie dough flavor. Then you can load it up with toppings.

I wanted straight chocolate chip. Carter really wanted s’mores so we went with that. Then he wanted toppings, too, so they loaded it up with chocolate sauce and marshmallow cream.


New Comedy Room

I performed at the MRDR Room. It’s a newer weekly comedy showcase near the University of Minnesota campus. The crowd was mostly college students. The room is in the upstairs of Loring Bar and Restaurant. The building is amazing with dark wood and red lights strung from the ceiling. It’s always fun to perform at a new show. Especially when that room in on the campus of your alma mater.

Oh and this just in, one of my tweets was mentioned in an article about the Super Bowl. Just a bunch of celebs with the blue verified checkmark after their names and then me! Scroll down, I’m at the very bottom. 


What did you have fun with this week?

Thanks for stopping by! Julie

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