Another Friday, another group of things that made me happy!

Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters are coming to the Twin Cities in October and we got tickets. I’m so pumped. We saw them in Des Moines last November and they rocked so hard. It’s gonna be a blast.

The Moth

We went to the monthly Moth event on Wednesday. If you’re not familiar The Moth is a monthly storytelling event that takes place all over the U.S. and beyond. Storytellers are chosen at random from people who fill out a form saying they want to perform. You don’t know you’re going up until your name is called.

The Moth totally inspires me. I love seeing people get up and share their stories. And the audience is always the most supportive group you could perform for.

Gift Bag

My husband brought me this amazing gift bag. It was made for me and a couple of the other police wives whose husband are working the Super Bowl sex trafficking detail. It was so thoughtful. It totally made my day.

grace church tote

Tote full of goodness from Grace Church EP

Big Little Lies

When Carter was out of town last week I binged Big Little Lies because a few friends had recommended it. I liked it so much that I made him watch it with me this week. So we binged it again. Twice in one week. That’s 14 hours of Big Little Lies.

Adore Me

I joined Adore Me a while back. You can shop every month. Or you can skip a month and not get charged. I forgot to skip the last two months so I had a credit. Plus they were having a BOGO so I scored big.


We got more snow this week. Like a lot of snow. Enough to delay and in some cases close schools. Which takes a lot in Minnesota.

I loved it because I didn’t have to drive anywhere so I could just enjoy the beauty of it. If you had to drive then you probably didn’t like it because it was taking people hours to get home.

My neighbor was nice enough to snow blow our driveway because Carter worked late. That was maybe the best thing to come out of what was a nightmare for many. I’ve read so many stories about neighbors helping each other shovel driveways and sidewalks. There were many stories about Good Samaritans helping push cars that were having trouble making it up even the slightest inclines or who got stuck in the snow of unplowed streets. People coming together to help one another always makes me happy.

Kevin Farley

I went to Joke Joint to see Kevin Farley. And I got to do a guest set! That’s where you get to perform a short set after the emcee but before the feature and headliner.

It’s always fun when you get to perform when you weren’t planning on performing. And it’s fun to perform for comics you don’t normally get to perform in front of. Plus I got the DVD he made about his brother Chris.

kevin Farley

I went to Joke Joint to see Kevin Farley and all I got was this amazing photo!

Where did you find happiness this week?


Thanks for stopping by! Julie

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