I have something to confess. My husband is into roleplaying. He likes to have me dress up as a maid and then clean up around the house.

That is a joke I’ve been doing for years. But it is true. My husband is the clean one in our house. He was an only child. His house looked like something out of Better Home and Gardens

I was the fifth of six kids. My parents had four boys in three years. Then 14 years later I came along. My mom kept an immaculate house for so years. I admire how long she hung in there. I can’t imagine keeping a tidy house while taking care of four boys then working overnights while the rest of the family slept. When my brothers left for college or moved out of the house, she relaxed on the house cleaning.

Despite being messy, or maybe because I’m messy, I love organizational products. I daydream about how much easier they’ll make my life.

My number one tip for staying organized is this: I sort the mail before I even bring it into the house. This way I can recycle all the junk mail without ever bringing it into the house. The less I bring into the house, the less I can let it bog down my organizational skills.

The number one thing I need to organized my life is boxes and cabines that I can store notebooks and random scraps of paper in. As a comedian, I write jokes and premises on anything I have handy. Usually it’s a notebook. But sometimes, I have to grab the nearest scrap of paper or napkins. Because if I don’t write it down right away, I will lose the thought. No matter how much I think ‘this is too good to ever forget’ I will forget it. Or I won’t remember it exactly the way it came into my head.

I need someplace just to keep all these pieces of paper until I’m ready to sort through them. So I buy cute storage boxes to get them out of my purse. Then, I go back and organize my notebooks and papers with filing cabinet. I like the ones on rollers because they are easy to move around. I can roll them over to my desk and work on organizing everything, then push the cabinet back into the closet. I love the finish on this cabinet I also love that in drawers of varying sizes.

When I’m cooking dinner, I definitely need to clean as I go. We have a smaller kitchen that can get messy fast. If I have something simmering on the stove, I use that time to clean up my prepping space and get everything put in the dishwasher to save more counter space.

One thing I’ve been thinking about getting is a rolling island. That way I can prep dinner on it, then get it out of the way. There are a bunch of functional + stylish ones here.

If you’ve resolved to get organized in the new year, then you need to check out Wayfair. If the jingle isn’t playing in your head right now, then clearly you don’t watch as much HGTV as I do. Spring is just around the corner and that means cleaning and organizing the garage. Here’s a great article along those lines.

Wishing you a organized and productive 2017?


Thanks for stopping by! Julie

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