The Minnesota State Fair (sad face) is over and I already miss it. The food. The people watching. The Socks. Wait what?!

You read me right. I said socks. I like great socks and I cannot lie. For realz I do. I know some people hate socks, especially when they get them as a gift. Not me. Bring on the socks. When I win the lottery I will be giving out new socks to celebrate.

I have tons of sock. Holiday themed socks. Knee high athletic socks. And now I have Modern Envy socks.

When Carter and I got to the Minnesota State Fair we decided to walk through the Grandstand first. It’s filled with booths of people selling stuff. Almost immediately Carter saw the Modern Envy booth. We both were intrigued. So we decided to give them a try.

They were three for $33 or seven for $75. I immediately wanted to go all in and get seven pairs. Carter wanted to just go with three to start. So we went with three.


me socks

I like great socks and I cannot lie.

We meandered through the fair with our new socks in tow for an hour before we ended up at adirondacks by the Leinie Lodge. We sat there listening to the band for a while. It was there that Carter took out his Modern Envy socks and put them on. It was love at first step. They’re super comfortable and have a great design.

When we made our second trip to the fair (yeah, we like the MN State Fair so much that we go multiple times), we stopped by the Modern Envy booth right away. We needed to get our hands on some more of these socks. We showed off our ME socks that we were both wearing and announced to the young women working the booth, “We’re back for more!”

I asked her if we could put the three pairs of socks we originally bought toward the seven for $75 deal and get four more pairs for $42. I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. She had to ask the owner. Which I get. We were going to buy three more pairs of socks anyway but I thought I should at least ask if we could still aggregate our sock purchase to get in on the deal.

She came back to us and said we could get four for $40. That was even better than the original deal. Yes please!

ME socks 3

My sock game is strong.

As the woman was ringing us up the owner came out and thanked us for purchasing the socks. I thanked her for the deal she gave us. I love ME socks so much that I was going to buy more no matter what. She didn’t need to give us a deal or thank us personally. But she did. That’s what stellar customer service is about. That’s why I’ll be a customer for life.

My sock game is strong thanks to Modern Envy. I’m not being compensated for this post, I just really love the product and the owner’s strong customer service. I love their mission of quality over quantity and living with purpose and intent.

Whether you’re a sock lover like me or not, you’ll love Modern Envy socks. Go check them out.

Do you like new socks?

Thanks for stopping by! Julie

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