It’s Friday. Here’s where I found joy this week.

Art Shanty Project (Round 2)

We visited the Art Shanty Project for the second weekend in a row. It was snowing and cold but such a fun way to embrace the Bold North. And it’s nice to take the dogs somewhere besides the dog park.

Focus Group

I got paid a lot of money to talk about my snacking habits and preferences. I think I’ve found my life’s calling. I need to figure out how to do this 20 hours a week.

Super Bowl

It has been a fun week with all the SB52 festivities in town. I can’t believe it’s over. And yet it was nice to catch up on sleep and get back to normal.

Tim Horton’s

We discovered Tim Horton’s last year. There’s a few of them around town but none are super close. But it was a Tim Horton’s kind of morning so we ventured there for breakfast sammies and Timbits.

Celebrations of Life

I attended two celebrations of life this week, one for a person in their 80’s and the other a person in their 40’s. Losing a loved one  can be sad. But these celebrations were amazing tributes to these men, the incredible lives they led and all the lives they touched.

Open Mic

After two weeks off the workshop and open mic that I run was back up and running this week. We had half as many comics as normal which made my job easy because I was able to put everyone in the show. And we had a full and fun crowd.

This is Us

I was tired of only crying a few times a day so we started watching This Is Us. Now I cry like 7 times an hour. I can’t believe how amazing this show is.


Where did you find joy?

Thanks for stopping by! Julie

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