The Vikings win against the New Orleans Saints last Sunday is still being talked about. Minnesota doesn’t have a great playoff record so the fact they won in such a spectacular fashion didn’t go unnoticed. I actually turned the channel right before the game winning play. I thought ‘this is so like the Vikings.’ So I was a little surprised to find out they won.

Binge TV

Carter was out of town so I watched a lot of tv. I watched the first season of Big Little Lies. It’s so good! I watched all on demand episodes of 16 and Pregnant that are offered on Sling TV. I watched Live PD Friday and Saturday. I saw the first episode of Undercover High and I’m hooked. And then the normal HGTV and Food Network shows that I usually watch. It helped that the temps were subzero and the windchill was in the negative double digits.

3 Minutes of Comedy

This week at Joke Joint there was only one couple that showed up for open mic. Rachel the owner hates canceling shows so instead all comics did three minutes of comedy (usually most would get five minutes). This meant we could still have a show but that it wouldn’t be as long as usual. It was really fun. It helped that she made all the comics sit on the main floor rather than in the balcony. This meant that the room looked fuller and the comics were watching the show versus conversing with one another.


It snowed about four inches on Sunday night which made everything look white and clean. I especially love snow when I don’t need to drive anywhere important and I can just enjoy looking at the winter wonderland.


Carter drove his aunt to Phoenix so he was gone for five days. I was glad that he was able to bring her down there. The weather in Phoenix was sunny and in the 70’s. His uncle drove from San Diego to meet them so the three of them got in a round of golf. But I was happy for Carter to come back on Tuesday night. The dogs were too.

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