Happy 2018. It’s a brand new year but what if I liked the old one?! Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. That’s where I’m at right now. I’m still holding on to 2017.

A lot of crappy things happened in 2017. We elected Donald Trump, a man that takes to Twitter to talk trash people like a junior high kid rather than a president. I could elaborate on why this is bad but it would just make me depressed so I’ll leave it alone. We’ve had a ton of sexual harassment charges against men, many of whom I liked and admired. There has been so many mass shooting that I’m starting to feel like that’s the norm going forward and I definitely don’t want to feel like that’s our new norm.

Personally, 2017 was an awesome year. I had so much fun! As we welcome 2018 I’m starting to realize that sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye.

In past years I’ve been excited for a new year. I’m always ready to leave the crap fest behind.

This year is different. It’s been an awesome year. Maybe I have a better outlook than in years past. Maybe it’s because I’m just taking life in stride rather than needing to be in control of all things.

For starters I’ve had more paid comedy shows then I’ve had. Goonie’s, Joke Joint, Royal Comedy, Dangerfield’s, Running Aces, North Star Mohican Casino, and so many more! Many of them have fallen in my lap. They’ve come to me with little (okay absolute no) effort on my part. It’s so wonderful getting paid for doing what you love. Being able to make people laugh especially when there is so much crap going on in the world is an amazing feeling.

One thing I need to work on for 2018 is being proactive about getting gigs. It mostly involves sending out my availability to comedy club bookers. But I don’t always think to do that. I’ll work on it. As it is, I already have three paid shows on the 2018 calendar and of course they all came to me.

I took some awesome road trips. We went to Chicago to see U2 at Soldier Field. It. Was. Incredible. It had been a long time since we went to Chicago so it was fun to explore the town. And Soldier Field is a fantastic venue to see a concert.

We went to Iowa to see Foo Fighters. Iowa tends to get a bad rap, especially by Minnesotans. But I really like Des Moines. It was the second time I’d been there in the year.

The first was for a blogging conference. That time I didn’t get to take in much of the city because I stayed at the hotel where the conference was at.

For the FF concert we got to hang out with friends at a few bars. First we went to El Bait Shop. I had long heard about how awesome this place was. It is a Des Moines must. Then we went to the Red Monk, another bar worth checking out. Honestly there were so many cool bars we walked past that we didn’t get a chance to experience. If you’re looking for a night out but don’t want the big city expensive and trendy bar scene, Des Moines probably offers it.

We went to Longmire Days! Never did we think we were the kind of people that would take a trip to a tv show festival. But we did and we’re already thinking about going again this year. We got to meet Bailey Chase and Adam Bartley.

Yellowstone National Park

We went to Yellowstone! I have several blog posts on his trip planned so I’ll share all the fun stuff soon. I love the National Parks. The mountains are my happy place.

We adopted Dixie! Oh man I love that dog. She’s goofy and quirky so she fits this family well. Sure every day I have to say “Sorry we got you a sister Caesar” because she’s always starting shit with him. But he loves her as much as we do.

rescue dogs

I found a lost dog nearly 300 miles away from home. Poppy the puppy, not me, was the one that was 279 miles away from home. This will be my greatest accomplishment of all time. I’m still telling the story to anyone that will listen. Even if they won’t I still tell the story.

I met Joel Madison. His mom and Carter’s mom were friends back in the day. Joel is a standup comedian. And while we’ve been Facebook friends for years we’d never met in person. Which is the case with a lot of Facebook friends. Joel is also a writer having written for the Roseanne show and Malcolm and Eddie among others.

He was in Minneapolis emceeing at Acme so Carter and I had breakfast with him. I totally geeked out! I love talking to comics, especially those who started when they were young. I can’t imagine having the courage to have done that in my teens or 20’s. I’d probably have been through rehab a dozen times by now.

Joel and I know a lot of the same comics so it was fun to hear his thoughts on comedy. As Carter put it, we talked like we had been old friends for many years.

I got mentioned in five publications this year. It started out with me being named one of four funny people to know in my alumni magazine from University of St. Thomas. I was also quoted in Reader’s Digest, Prevention, The Muse, and one other one that I can’t remember.

I became a Subaru owner. We traded it the Ford Explorer, which I was sad to say goodbye to, for a Subaru Outback. The Explorer was starting to have problems that were going to be costly. Plus we’d racked up 170,000 miles on it in nine years.

The Subaru is such a fantastic car. It does make me feel like an astronaut or pilot because there are so many controls. It has a navigation system, nine speaker stereo, heated seats, and a bunch more stuff that I haven’t even explored yet. It’s a little overwhelming. As sad as I was to let the Explorer go I am excited for all the adventures we’ll have in the Outback.

These are a handful of the amazing things that 2017 brought for me. While there was a lot of horrible crap going on in the world in 2017, personally it was a phenomenal year for me. Happy 367 day of 2017!

How was your 2017? What are you looking forward to in 2018?

Thanks for stopping by! Julie

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