Here’s what brought me joy this week!

Birthday Celebration

It was my birthday this week. Carter and I had plans to go to dinner. But he had a really big case at work that required all of his attention as well as many of the investigators in his department.

I was totally prepared to reschedule my birthday dinner because if there’s one thing I’ve learned being married to a cop it’s that crime has a way of getting in the way of your plans. So when he told me that he was working on something huge I already start planning contingencies. As it turned out he was able to get out of work on time.

We celebrated at Wildfire. This had been our go to spot for years. Then Lyn 65 and Crave opened and we started dividing up our celebration spots.

It was good to be back at Wildfire. Our waiter Rick was amazing. He set the tone for a great birthday celebration. I filled up on bread and salad so I couldn’t finish my steak and potato. Which meant I got to have the leftovers the next day. Bonus!

wildfire stormy night

Birthday Treats

My friend Rachel who owns the Joke Joint has a birthday on January 13. I brought some mini bundts from Nothing Bundt Cake to celebrate her birthday.

During workshop Trish, a local comic, brought a bunch of cupcakes because she saw on Facebook that it was my birthday. I only tried the hot chocolate one but it was so delish.

Then Chad my partner in crime for running the comedy workshop and open mic brought macarons and a cake. I only had a macaron since I was still on a sugar rush from the bundts and cupcakes. It was blueberry and out of this world good.

When I got home Carter wanted to dig into the cake. It tasted me wedding cake. So yummy! We smashed a piece in each other’s faces then put the rest in our freezer until next year.

mini hot chocolate cupcakes


I ordered some boots a couple weeks ago and they finally arrived. I love them. They’re cute and functional. Plus they’re so warm. They say they’re good to -30 below zero.

Santana canada marta boots

Missing Dog Found Alive

I read a story about a missing dog. I don’t know why because I hear enough about missing cats and dogs in the Nextdoor app and they tend to make me sad. If you’ve ever had a missing pet you know that feeling of helplessness and the desire to find them ASAP. But this story has a happy ending.

Best Friends Adopted Together

Again, not sure why I started reading this article because abandoned dogs make me so sad. But this is really a heartwarming story. I cry every time I think about it. And the lady who adopted both of them? Well she’s downright amazing in my book.

Snow and Cold

Say what?! How can snow and cold bring you joy? We’ve had a week or two of subzero temps followed by a couple days of temperatures in the 30’s. Wednesday it was warm and the snow was melting. Thursday we got snow and the temps plummeted. When I woke up this morning it was -11 with a -25 windchill! It’s so friggin’ cold.

I’m actually excited about it. For one there’s nothing I can do to change the snow and cold Secondly, I’m looking forward to staying inside watching tv, playing video games and reading books. Oh and snuggling with Caesar and Dixie. The perfect recipe while the temps are subzero.

Where did you find joy this week?


Thanks for stopping by! Julie

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